April Showers by Frances Hampton

April Showers

                                                                                    By Frances Hampton


There is a saying that “April showers bring May flowers”… and so they do.

          When I was a small child (many years ago) growing up on the farm in Gaston County, April was the month we walked through the woods and pasture to find the beautiful violets growing wild near the Catawba River. It was a wonderful adventure each time we found a patch of them, and sometimes we would have “chicken fights” with them by twisting two of them together and pulling until one of them lost its head (bloom). Mostly, though, we just picked bunches of them and brought them home to place in little vases or bottles.

          These were the days when there was pleasure in simple things. There was no television or the internet or cell phones. We didn’t even have electricity at our house.

          Picking violets (and other wild flowers) is only one of my childhood memories. Perhaps you can conjure up many others to share with your children or grandchildren.

          If you have a place where you can pick flowers, why not share some with an elderly friend. They’ll be appreciated, just as I enjoy so much my bouquets from my young Horton friends. Thanks, girls for your thoughtfulness!

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