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Thank you from the Bakers

One custom with deep roots is the ancient practice of Hospitality. When we moderns travel, we think in terms of spending a night or two at the Marriot or the Fairfield Inn, but no such thing existed for the Greeks. As Odysseus made his slow way back to Ithaca, he was dependent upon the open […]

October: Elder, Greeter, Nursery and Offering Schedule

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Mission Update for the Smallings

Missions Focus Sunday 2015

2015 SLCA High School Retreat by Adam Mumpower

2015 SLCA High School Retreat by Adam Mumpower By God’s grace, I entered into my 16th year here at SouthLake back in August. And each of those years, the Lord has allowed me to have leadership responsibilities for SLCA’s annual high school retreat. I often think about the first high school retreat I attended while […]

From Chris’ Desk

The Church . . . what is it and why is it? If someone might ask a dozen people these questions, there will perhaps be 10 different answers offered.   A society of like-minded people? A religious community?   A group of folks interested in arcane doctrine, or theological and ethical questions? A political action group that […]

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September: Elder, Greeter, Offering and Nursery Schedule

24th Annual Life Walk- 9/26

Community Pregnancy Center of Lake Norman will be holding their 24th Annual LifeWalk to raise money for the center