Christmas Memories, by Francis Hampton

NEWSLETTER_DECEMBER_SCUTT-021It seems so long ago when we had a first baby at our house on Christmas Day. And it was a long time… almost 60 years. Our first-born will soon be 59, and this son, Rick, is now a grandfather of four. His latest one (my 7th great grandchild) was born on November 10th. His name is Thomas Killian Rochelle, and he has a big sister, Rosie, who is two years old.

They’ll be making Christmas memories of their own this year, but I remember well our first Christmas with Rick. Although he was only about six months old,
Bud rushed out to buy him an electric train! (You can guess who that was for.)

We had three more sons and that electric train encircled our Christmas tree every year as we added more cars to it.

As the boys grew, Bud added other toys that he enjoyed, like Lincoln Logs and Legos building blocks. Also Tonka toys were a hit, and last year my four great-grandsons received these from me.

My own Christmas memories of my childhood include tangerines, nuts, raisins (on the stem) and chocolate drops. Mama always made a fruit cake on Thanksgiving that we cut on Christmas Day. It was stored in a wooden cheese box, and fresh apples were cut and placed in it to keep it moist. Sometimes she added a little wine.

As many of you know, I am at present staying with Vera, my 99 year-old sister. As I watch her cook, I am reminded of our holiday foods—turkey, dressing, sweet potato and pumpkin pies, plus chicken ‘n dumplings. She says she started helping Mama in the kitchen when she was five years old and has been cooking ever since.

Christmas, of course, is the time we celebrate the birth of Christ and we rejoice that He came into our world to save us from our sins. May you each have a blessed Christmas at your house and may the new year be filled with hope and promise.

… by Frances Hampton