December 2015 Missions Committee Update

News from the Missions field:

As we continue our Faith Promise Campaign for 2015, we’d like to share the following portion of a report from our missionaries, Jim and Marianna Peipon, with Ukraine Medical Outreach. This conference reached hundreds of students in medicine, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy from over 30 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Keep in mind that it also took place (in October) despite all the recent fighting and current political turmoil in Ukraine…See what God can do when we “have a little faith!”

Greetings to All,

By your financial contributions and prayers God allowed you to partner with Ukraine Medical Outreach and the student local organizing committee to do something extraordinary in Odessa, Ukraine last weekend. All present witnessed how God enabled this conference to even happen.

As I write it is 1 pm on Friday afternoon in Ukraine. This time last week over 350 students were arriving along with 13 speakers, and we were not sure where the conference would be held.

Just two days before, the Odessa National Medical Institution withdrew their permission to hold the event at their facility. It seems this was probably an interdepartmental political struggle. The Rector who had given permission was in the ATO zone (Anti-Terrorist
Operation) and those left in charge decided to take advantage of this fact. On the day before the conference began and after multiple phone calls and visiting several venues, we went to bed not knowing how and where and if the conference would even take place.

Just one hour before the opening, a contract was signed, the venue was secured and the show started on time. However, now we had to pay for the venue, money that was not in the budget. All the speakers were touched when the students in Odessa raised $600 on their
own to make up for the deficit in just 24 hours. The speakers agreed to make up any additional deficit. Wow!!

One of our speakers arrived in Ukraine but lost her passport somewhere between Frankfurt and Kyiv. She was not allowed to enter the country and was sent back to Germany, but not before spending 24 hours at Borispol Airport in Kyiv.

As the conference began the real spiritual battle began. During the Bible devotional, the Muslim students began talking loudly. There were about 60 Iraqis and 20 more from other Muslim countries. We all realized the real battle was for the hearts and souls of these students. We had been so lulled into thinking God’s blessings with solutions to our transportation, venue and financial challenges
that we ignored praying for these students.

Thereafter, everyone settled down. There were lots of good discussions in the hallways and during the master classes, which we pray will have eternal consequences not only for the students but their patients as well…

Thank you God for your faithfulness. Thank you Holy Spirit for your obvious presence. Thank you, Jesus, for being the author and perfecter of our faith.

Thanks again to you who have contributed to make this conference possible. A fuller report and pictures will be sent when available. Your continued prayer for those in attendance is greatly appreciated.

By His grace and for His Glory,


Advisor to the LOC for Odessa 2014
President and Medical Director
Ukraine Medical Outreach, Inc.

Watch the Missions bulletin board (across from the nurseries) for more conference news and photos, as well as information and updates from our missionaries all around the globe.