Wednesday Evening Activities

Starting Wednesday September 7th, 2016 6:30-7:30pm

Kid’s Quest

Children from K-6th Grade are welcome to participate in Kid’s Quest, our children’s program.

Q-Quality time in God’s Word

U-Understanding biblical principles

E-Encouraging Biblical worship

S-Strengthening Christian relations

T-Telling others the Good news

Children that are in 7th grade will move up to youth group. Everyone else will remain with their previous grade from last year.  If your child was in the 4-5 year old, 1-2 grade, or 3-4 grade class last year, they will remain in that class through December. Our 5-6 graders will join Pastor Adam in the 3-4 grade class. In January, all children will move up to their current grade.  We are keeping everyone in the same classes in order to finish Volume 3 of Kid’s Quest.  This will ensure that every child finishes the Catechism as they started it. If you have any questions about what class your child will be in, please contact Holly Stone at 704-604-4680 or the

Youth Group

(7th-12th) All youth are invited to come play, study and hangout.

Adult Study

Three steps forward, one step (and sometimes two) back. Is true spiritual maturity even possible? Join us on Wednesday evenings, for bible study, and prayer, 1 Thessalonians: more and more…



Every Wednesday

Time: 06:30pm