Franka Serbia Missions Update

Ondrej and Milina Franka will be with us on June 21.  In anticipation of their coming, here is an update on their ministry in Serbia, which is under the Yugoslavian Evangelistic Society (YES).   One aspect of Ondrej’s Ministry is church planting, and the congregation has been involved in many church plants, mainly in the southern part of the country.  An update regarding the church plants, as well as other existing churches,  states, “One of our regular ministries is to visit a local church whereby through teaching and preaching, we encourage and strengthen the local body and its leaders as various needs emerge.  There are 70 plus churches that we visit on a regular basis.”


Last summer, there was terrible flooding in Serbia.  SouthLake was involved in helping to meet needs of flood victims from some of these church plants.  Ondrej wrote about one of these churches, saying, “After heavy flooding…and with your financial help, many individuals have been helped.  When we visited Paracin Church, it was full of people gathered to worship, thankful for your ministry of help to them.  Our teams of students ministered to them as well.”


Mention of the “teams of students” brings to mind another aspect of Ondrej’s ministry, which involves the Bible Theological School, graduating and sending individuals to serve in local churches.  Although Ondrej had hoped to see The Learning Center Project (an addition to the BTS facility) underway this past year, God had other plans, and for now, many renovations and improvements are underway on the existing building.  Ondrej will give an update on this when he is here.


Hopefully you will be able to be with us on June 21 to hear from Ondrej as he brings the Word of God during the worship service, and gives details of the ministry during Sunday School.