March Winds by Frances Hampton

March Winds



When my children were young, we enjoyed kite flying. Their colorful kites would sail high into the air, sometimes landing in a tree. Often, at Windy Hill Beach each year, we saw giant kites sweeping up and down over the waves. The wind had to be just right… and just as our lives are sometimes tossed about by circumstances over which we have no control, we have to let go—and let God direct our paths.

       It feels good to release the roll of string and, after our move back to the farm, we flew lots of kites with the grandkids. Now I can’t wait until the seven greats can hold that string and watch their kites soar.

       Learning to lean back, relax and watch the young ones can be a good thing—and I recommend it highly. Let go, and let God lead us in all our ways as we move in and out of the frays in our lives.