Mission’s Conference

Why Missions?

                      SouthLake’s 2017 Missions Conference

By now, the dates of September 8-10 should be marked on your calendars.  This will be a special weekend as our church hosts a Missions Conference—a weekend filled with getting to know the people who are ministering here in the States as well as overseas “for the sake of the Gospel.”  It begins with a time of prayer with some of our missionaries on Friday evening (7pm in the Mezzanine).   All are invited to attend as we seek God’s blessings on the weekend.  It is an opportunity to get to know the burdens and praises on our missionaries’ hearts as well as to ask God to touch many of our hearts at SouthLake.

Saturday will be a full day, beginning with a Men’s Breakfast at 8am in the Fellowship Hall.  A special Danish breakfast pastry—aebleskivers—will be served, along with eggs, sausages, etc.  You won’t go away hungry!  Rev. Sid Druen (with Reformed University Fellowship at Davidson College) will be sharing with the men.

Breakfast will hardly be ending when a Ladies Luncheon will be ready to start.  This will be a salad/muffin luncheon as we get to sample each woman’s favorites!  We will be hearing from several of our missionary and ministry ladies at this luncheon, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear what God is doing in their lives and ministries.

Saturday evening has several of SouthLake’s “Small Groups” hosting get-togethers for our whole congregation.  You do not have to be in one of these small groups to join them for this special night.  Just pick a missionary you would like to hear more from and go to the group he/she will be at!  Again, look for more information to come regarding the times, locations, and exactly what missionary will be where!

Sunday School with our missionary guests will be different this year.  Instead of having everyone gathered into one large class, the missionaries will speak in some of our regular classes!  Look for unfamiliar faces in our elementary area, youth class, and in a couple of our adult classes as well.  However, your class room may be moved, so be sure to check for upcoming details as to where classes will be held and who you can expect to find there.

As you come into the worship service, you will notice many display tables set up.  Be sure to visit around, meeting the folks and seeing first-hand some of the visuals they have brought to educate you on their work for the Kingdom.

The worship service will focus on the unfinished task of missions around the world.  From the prayers, to the songs of praise, to opening our hearts to receive from the Lord.  Dave Veldhorst, past MTW (Mission to the World) Director of Thailand and currently serving out of the PCA’s Atlanta headquarters as MTW Director of Mobilization, will be our keynote speaker, bringing the message God has given him.  You will have time to visit the display tables again after the service, so take advantage of the opportunity to do so.

And to round off the weekend, there will be a Sunday noon pot luck in the Fellowship Hall—another opportunity to visit with our guests and with each other over a delicious meal.  Don’t let this Missions Focus Weekend get away from you.  Plan now to make it a priority in your family.  From Friday evening until Sunday noon – We’ve got you covered!