Pastor Search Committee Update

Greetings from your Southlake Pastoral Search Committee,

As you may have heard we are meeting with some regularity and plan to continue in this vein as we grow in our knowledge of what it takes to find the man that God is preparing to be our new Senior Pastor.  Lately we are refining some survey materials that will help us gauge the congregation’s desires in a pastor, as well as what we think is the highest priority in our ministry.  Such surveys will help us build a pastoral profile and a church profile when we advertise the position.  We are encouraged on many fronts, even from sources outside our church community but especially when many of you remind us that you are praying and that you have a growing excitement for what God has in store for us.  It is a process that will take some time but we are grateful for what God will accomplish in all of us even in the midst of the process.

Thank you for your continued patience and prayers,

Jack Dundas