Remembering Ann, by Frances Hampton

Ann MacArthurMy friend, Ann McArthur, passed away on Christmas Day, 2014. She had suffered much, and in her suffering, had taught me a great deal. She struggled with her inability to walk; she fought the possibility of losing her legs more than once and, if it happened, she had made peace with that, too. It didn’t happen, however, but she taught me that we must accept whatever God hands us. (Ann had a favorite verse from Isaiah that helped her with that.)

In her last days at the Asbury Care Center, she and I talked almost every day. When I dialed her number a cheery voice answered with “this is Ann.” We laughed together and we talked about some of the places she had lived—even in Argentina as a young child with her parents.

Before moving to this area, she lived in Florida where she worked with children—a job she loved. She missed her Florida friends when she moved to North Carolina, but has endeared herself to many at SouthLake and we mourn the passing of a faithful member and friend.