Sandra Hart Missions Update

We received a report from Sandra Hart after her visit to the Philippines in March. Here is an excerpt from her report:

“I had a wonderful 3 weeks in the Philippines, full of blessings, and activities that I love to do. I hope you will take a few moments to see some of those activities and more. I believe it will be a blessing!

“There were Awards Days for children who memorized the 10 Commandments , Graduation Ceremonies at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Presbyterian Campus; a medical Clinic, a feeding program, a baby shower and making this all the more fun was having three ladies from NC join me.

“Four days I spent in Lipa where I lived for four years. I wanted to “hear the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say.   I met up with some of the ladies and their children that came to a Bible study and Good News Club for years in my home. Some of those children now have children of their own! How quickly time passes! I visited church planters that I worked with in the area. I was blessed to see the progress.

“The best part was time with Michelle and the CE& Publishing Team. At the end of our time together we all expressed the encouragement we felt by being together. What an answer to prayer and Praise God for what HE is doing in the Philippines!”

After Sandra returned home April 1st she became ill and has not been well all spring. As it turns out there is an environmental problem in her home. The following is an update on her illness and prayer requests:

“Have you ever heard of the book called “My House is Killing Me”? That book pretty well describes my experience since returning from Philippines April 1. We thought my sickness was due to the flu, bronchitis, cancer, and maybe even TB but thankfully I discovered it was none of the above. Instead the hacking painful cough was due to a crack in the exchange wall of my gas pack and mold near my bedroom vent. Since my cabinets had been painted while in the Philippines, it masked the gas leak. The good news is the repairs will soon be made and in the mean time   I am staying with my children/ grands which is fun……. most of the time :-).

“More Good News is that Michelle and Baby Daniel are doing very well. Robin has been working hard along with Pastor Dhy and Jose while Michelle is on maternity leave.

“I hope you will take a moment and look at the report attached. I believe you will be blessed.

“Prayer Request: Traveling mercies, strength, and open doors for training classes.”